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About Dirumah Interior Visuals and founder Levina Meinster

Levina Meinster on a ship near Komodo Islands
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Hi my name is Levina and I am the person behind ‘Dirumah Interior Visuals’.

In 2022 I finished my education and got a degree in Interior design. At the moment I am also studying interior architecture, besides running this company.

As a person I love to create and be creative. I am a curious person and like to discover new creative ideas and designs and of course I like to travel. As a social person, I love to work with people. I am not good at sitting still, doing nothing, so you will alway find me dust doing something. 

Once graduated in 2022, I went to Bali in Indonesia for 6 months, there I followed  and completed a study at the University of economics. During that time I realised that designing interiors and travelling are the things I really love doing. So I created a company which allows me to work and travel. Not only for fun, but also to get to know when design features in other countries.

Once I returned from Indonesia to The Netherlands, I got a chance to work for a contractor in construction and this is when I started my company ‘Dirumah Interior Visuals’.

The name is derived from the Indonesian language, which has special meaning to me as it was then I realised what I wanted to do. Dirumah means ‘home’ or ‘at home’ in Indonesian language.

The only thing I need to work is my laptop. Which means I can work all over the world and live my dream whilst helping others. My customers and I use video conferencing a lot and it works great assisting my customers designing their interior or exterior dreams.

What is it that I do?

Often people wish to redesign their home, bathroom, living room but find it hard to imagine what their ideas will look like and are afraid their investment in their home or office is ill spent.

This is where I come in! Besides helping with the design and architecture, I can make realistic looking 3D drawings and renders from ideas and dreams whether it is interior or exterior. It goes without saying that I can also advise on furniture, paint, wallpaper, paintings, and so on. Sometime one project has more than one design and multiple drawings of the same area to compare alternatives. This is not a problem and works well.

If you are looking for someone who can creatie realistic 3D design, assist with interior design, layouts and decorations for you or your customers, you have come to the right address. Contact me and together when can ensure that the interior and/or exterior designs are realised.

Levina Meinster at a waterfall on Bali in Indonesia
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